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About Film & Animation / Professional Core Member Blair ZFemale/United States Group :iconmericcup: mericcup
the princess and the viking
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Blair Z
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
United States
i'm just a girl who's currently obsessed with the Avengers.

i'm pretty friendly and laid back (unless i'm fangirling), but i'm really bad at replying to comments cause i feel awkward posting on my own art Dx
feel free to message me though and i will get back to you asap <3

Long Overdue Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 26, 2012, 4:58 PM
Skin by SimplySilent

first off, i'd like to thank :icon2himbglory: again for gifting me a 3 month subscription.
i love you dearly!!


Alright, i got a couple tags

the first one is from the lovely :iconmy-violet-world:

1. What do you think of society today?
- i think mainstream society can be stiffing but then you have internet communities like tumblr where everyone's more open-minded (most of them anyway).

2. I have a knife collection, I like Marvel & Lord of the Rings, and stuffed animal peguin named avalanche who is my 24/7 body guard... do you think I'm weird?
- no, i love marvel too (well, mainly the avengers and x-men [although i only ever watched x-men: evolution, so i'm by no means well versed in this universe]) and i have a stuffed pikachu that i bought like a decade ago and we are inseparable. I don't have anything like a knife collection but that sounds pretty badass if you are careful with them.

3. Favorite show/anime/cartoon?
- show: Nikita
- anime: Slam Dunk
- cartoon: Hey Arnold!
(i would give reasons, but this entry is already too long xD)

4. Sometimes guy animated characters are hot.
- Yes. (lol, what else can i possibly say!!?)

5. Do you like the movie Rise of the Guardians (afshfghs you better >:I )
- i love this film!!
i actually have a funny story about this! the first time i watched this film, i was in China and it was in Chinese. I guess i missed all the references about Pitch hiding under children's beds so when we got to that scene where Jack finds the entrance to Pitch's domain, i got SO confused. Later on, my coworker had to explain to me that Pitch was the boogeyman who hides under kids' beds.
i'm American.
she's Chinese.
i felt like i failed a very important test in life that day.
(i don't know my cultural references!!!)

6. How is life?
- Fun!!

7. Have you ever made up a language and talk in it around other people just to freak them out?
- Ahaha! no! but thank you for giving me that idea!

8. Favorite hobby?
- Drawing (fanart). I don't think this can even be considered a hobby anymore, it's just my life now.

9. You art/writing/designing style?
- um... i'm not sure how to answer this... is there a "fangirl style", cause i'd be that.
but in all honesty... i really don't know how to define my style... i guess it's cartoony/anime-ish... illustrative?

10. Are you ready for Christmas? (Hannukah/Kwanzaa/etc.) and if you're holiday already happened, was it fun?
- i love Christmas!
i wish everyday was Christmas!!
i'm already ready for next year's Christmas!!


second tag is by the charming :iconscorpianakio:

1. Do you like yuri?
- yes.

2. Have u ever thought about murdering an ant?
- Only when they come out of no where!!
OMG! this once, i was fooling around on the internet and i felt something crawling on my hand and i looked down AND IT WAS THIS GIGANTIC ANT!!! it must have been like half an inch long and it was like bright maroon and i freaked out and jumped out of my chair and it was bad, really bad.
(please don't hurt mt ant-man, i promise not to hurt your brethren if they don't scare me!!)

3. Like cake? Why?
- who doesn't like cake?? they are sweet and can brighten up any day.

4. What is ur catchphrase?
- "why can't i draw faster!!?"
this is more like a mantra that i just repeat to myself over and over again...

5. Ever eaten calf brains?
- no, but i've had duck liver? it's actually pretty good.

6. What is ur fav anime?
- it's still Slam Dunk!!

7. What was the first manga that u read?
- Sailor Moon!!

8. Ever seen Teen Titans?
- AH! I LOVE THIS SHOW! god! i loved Raven! Raven and Robin were my OTP and i was so upset when the show got canceled!

9. Have u ever danced gangnam style?
- NO!! NOPE! NEVER!! why, who told you!!?

10. What is ur fav song?
- this changes a lot, but right now, in this moment, it's "Shark in the water" by V V Brown.


:icongraphitedoll: right then, i guess my questions are the following:

1: what's runs through your mind when you close your eyes to sleep.

2: do you think in words or pictures?

3: do books transport you to far away worlds? if so, which book had the best world you ever visited?

4: what is 1 thing you don't like about your relationship with your craft? (for example, i don't like how time consuming art is for me)

5: what are 2 things you do like about your relationship with your craft?

6: which would be a worse Hell: it's scorching hot and it's so crowded that you're stuck up against other people or it's frozen and you're the only person in the vast wasteland?

7: would you rather there be a heaven or would you rather there be reincarnation?

8: can money buy your happiness?

9: would you rather have talent or luck? why?

10: do you believe in Jack Frost?

i tag these wonderful people:
:icon2himbglory: :iconbreigrace: :iconaziralx: :iconshinjyu: :iconwitheringmoon: :iconcafcow: :iconlalaadanwenb: :icondarknefarious: :iconninken-23:


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